Passionate About Inspiring Others

After many years of working in corporate America, she decided to take the path of entrepreneurship. She pursued opportunities in the health, wellness and travel industry. Yalonda has always believed in personal growth and recreating herself as an individual. She believes that one should always invest in themselves first before they can invest in others.  In August of 2016, she received her certification in leadership, training and public speaking by World Renowned Leadership Guru, John Maxwell.  While pursuing her certification she also published her first book entitled “Unspeakable”.


Her book has afforded her opportunities to share her story and her desire is to encourage women who have endured the vicissitudes of life.  The hardship she experienced in her life was unimaginable.  Years of dealing with hurt, shame, and pain, she was able to overcome which once was unspeakable.  As Yalonda began to work through her mess, it became her message. When she was able to forgive, she was forgiven and she finally discovered that what happened to her, happened for her.